greenwich & docklands  international festival

Photo credit: GDIF.

Photo credit: GDIF.

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival. Greenwich and Tower Hamlets.

The UK's leading free annual outdoor performing arts festival takes place across Greenwich and Docklands over ten days during June. The festival offers more than 200 performances of great variety and a very high standard. Notable performances for 2018 include:

Fly by  Night. Speciallly trained pigeons elegantly twirl, swoop and glide through the skies in the UK premiere of Duke Riley's epic outdoor work.

Undaunted. Celebrating the granting of votes to women with a performance by the UK's only female high wire walker.

Full Circle. A street performance of deadpan comedy and many buckets (illustrated above). 

La Belle Escabelle. A delightfully silly stepladder-based circus performance by twin brothers Luis and Miguel Cordoba. The performance won the 'Most Gobsmacking Moment' award at BE Festival in 2013.

Robopole. A dramatic acrobatic duet between a man (Martin Riedel) and a pole which is attached to a large robot arm. A visual performance that has to be seen to be believed.

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