Anderson Shelter. Lambeth. The owner of a World War II back garden Anderson Shelter kindly accepts visits by interested members of the public on certain days. More info. 

BDA Dental Museum. Westminster. The museum has 25,000 dental objects in its care, including anatomical models, dental art, and dental equipment. More info.  

Boar's Head Ceremony. City of London. Each December City dignitaries process to the Mansion House carrying a large papier mache boar's head. Dates from 1343. More info.

Brown Hart Gardens, Duke Street. Westminster. An improbable terrace built in 1906 (by the Duke of Westminster) on top of an imposing electricity substation, More info. 

Butterworth Charity Distribution of Hot Cross Buns. City of London. Coins given to widows (if any) on Good Friday. Hymn, sermon, and hot cross buns for all. More info. 

Ceremony of Quit Rents and Services. Westminster. Payment of two knives (one blunt, one sharp), 6 horeshoes and 61 nails as rent to the monarch. Since 1211. More info. 

Cleopatra's Needle. Westminster. Erected in Egypt in about 1450 BC, this 69 foot obelisk in 1819 by the ruler of Egypt and Sudan. Lives were lost in its transport. More info. 

Croydon Airport Micro Museum. Croydon. A volunteer-run museum on the history of Croydon airport. Open only on the first Sunday of the month. More info. 

Davenports Magic. Westminster. Founded in 1898, and in the same family since, Davenports is the oldest continuously owned magic shop in the world. More info.

Deptford Jack. Lewisham. A man inside a nine foot high mock tree parades each May Day through south London. He is accompanied by Morris Dancers. More info. 

Duck Island Cottage. Westminster, 1841. With its ornamental barge boards and finials, the cottage is in bizarre contrast to nearby Whitehall grandeur. More info. 

Excalibur Estate, Catford. Lewisham, 1946. The last inhabited estate of post World War II prefabricated bungalows. Five have been listed for preservation. More info.  

Gardners. Market sundriesmen. City of London. Paul Gardner sells paper bags and price labels for market traders from the shop opened in 1870 by his great grandfather. More info. 

Gasholders London. Camden, 2017. Cylindrical apartment buildings, designed by Wilkinson Eyre, within the re-constructed Kings Cross gasholders. More info. 

General Auctions. Wandsworth. Auctions of everything from delicate cut glass to powerful diesel-powered road diggers. Includes confiscations by the taxman. More info.   

God's Own Junkyard. Waltham Forest. Museum and workshop of the neon sign maker Chris Bracey, who died in 2014. Over 700 neon signs of all periods. More info. 

Greasby's. Wandsworth. Auctioning goods confiscated by police and local authorities. Also railway and museum lost property. More info. 

Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Tower Hamlets/Greenwich. Unusual 1902 cast iron pedestrian tunnel 1250 ft long. Designed by Alexander Binnie to replace a ferry. More info.  

Grimaldi Memorial Service. Hackney. Join clowns in costume for a service in memory of the great clown Joseph Grimaldi. On first Sunday in February since 1946. More info.

Hackney Wick. Hackney. Thrived as an industrial centre in the 19th century, now an edgy mix of dilapidated industrial and creative space. Graffiti abounds. More info. 

Hartley Obelisk. Wandsworth. David Hartley repeatedly set fire to his experimental fireproof house (patented in 1773) on this spot. Celebrity guests, including George III, were impressed. More info. 

Hill Garden & Pergola. Camden. A secluded hillside garden on the west side of Hampstead Heath. The Pergola is an Edwardian walkway built to connect two gardens. More info. 

Horseman's Sunday. Westminster. A cavalcade on horseback (including the Vicar) gathers outside St. John's church for a September blessing of the horses. More info.  

Lord Chancellor's Breakfast. Westminster. Each October robed judges process from Westminster Abbey to the Houses of Parliament for breakfast. More info. 

Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. City of London. This memorial, initiated in 1900 by George Frederic Watts, celebrates people who died saving the lives of others. More info. 

Novelty Automation. Camden. A gallery of satirical slot machines, all in working order, and all lovingly made from scrap materials by cartoonist and engineer Tim Hunkin. More info.

Parliamentary Pancake Race. Westminster. MPs and Peers put on a Shrove Tuesday fund raising pancake race in Victoria Tower Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament. More info. 

Police Station, Trafalgar Square. Westminster, 1926. Hollowed from the base of a street lamp, this held one policeman and a telephone to Scotland Yard. More info. 

Segal Close & Walters Way. Lewisham, 1984. Walter Segal was a pioneer of radical housing that was low cost, lightweight, and generated minimum waste. More info. 

Serpentine Christmas Day Swimming. Westminster. Every Christmas Day morning since 1864 brave swimmers have raced in the Serpentine. More info. 

Stave Hill. Southwark. 30 ft high cone-shaped artificial mound. A viewing platform on the top, with cast bronze relief map of the former docks. More info. See on map. 

Swan Upping. Inspection of swans in the Thames by Royal Swan Uppers in scarlet and gold uniforms. Third week of July. More info.

Thames Foreshore. The Thames foreshore is a surprising place at low tide.  In places it resembles a beach. Watch licensed metal detectorIsts, searchers and diggers. More info.

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