regent's park bandstand

Photo credit: Ravish London.

Photo credit: Ravish London.

Regent's Park Bandstand. Westminster. Regent's Park, London NW1 4NT.

Regent's Park Bandstand is beautifully situated beside the Boating Lake in the south west corner of Regent's Park. This elegant Victorian bandstand was originally situated in Richmond Park, and due to lack of demand for concerts in Richmond Park was moved to its present location in the 1970s.

The tradition of Sunday concerts in the bandstand was revived in 2018 on the initiative of local resident Mark Elliott and the Friends of Regent's Park and Primrose Hill. The concert series is supported by the Crown Estate and three nearby educational institutions: the Royal Academy of Music, the London Business School, and the University of Westminster. Concerts, covering classical, jazz, and brass band, take place every Sunday afternoon and on Bank Holiday during July and August.

This part of Regent's Park has been the scene of two tragedies. In January 1867 forty people were drowned when the ice cover on the boating lake collapsed and over 200 people plunged into the water. The lake was subsequently drained and its depth reduced to four feet before being re-opened to the public. In 1982 the bandstand was the target of a terrorist attack. A bomb planted in the base of the bandstand by the Irish Republican Army was detonated uring a concert by the band of the Royal Green Jackets regiment. Seven bandsmen were killed and 24 others were injured. 

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