segal close & walters Way

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Segal Close & Walters Way. Lewisham. 22-34 Brockley Park, Forest Hill, London SE23 1PS.

Segal Close and Walters Way are remarkable self-build projects, led by Walter Segal, and initiated by Lewsiham Council. The twenty detached houses, in two culs-de-sac followed Segal's radical community architecture principles. Segal designed a system of lightweight timber construction, using materials available from local builders' yards. One of his principles was that everything should be on a 600mm module, so that panels could be cut out of standard 2400mm by 1200mm sheets without wastage. Residents could build their own homes with only basic carpentry skills. 

Instead of traditional brick or concrete foundations, Segal used small piles under each structural column. This enabled the homes to be built more quickly and cheaply, and on sloping ground.

Residents were encouraged to vary the designs to suit their requirements, and to make later additions. The internal walls could be unbolted and moved to accommodate family change. 


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