wisteria at the hill garden pergola

Photo credit: Londonist. 

Photo credit: Londonist. 

Wisteria at the Hill Garden Pergola. Camden. West end of Hampstead Heath. 

The wisteria is at its best in May in this beautiful secluded garden tucked into the western side of Hampstead Heath. The Pergola is an Edwardian raised and terraced walkway built to connect the two gardens of a house then known as The Hill, now known as Inverforth House.

The history of the Pergola goes back to 1904 when Lord Leverhulme, a wealthy philanthropist and lover of landscape gardening, purchased a large town house on the Heath. He expanded his estate by acquiring the surrounding land, and with this new found space he decided to build a pergola as a setting for Edwardian garden parties, while at the same time being a place where his family and friends could spend summer evenings. 

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